We are Ascension Architecture

This is our firm

Ascension Architecture is a full-service firm based in Austin, Texas. Since 1996, Brandi McDaniel has provided professional architecture services for commercial, residential and public clients. Ascension is known for helping our clients navigate the pitfalls and challenges inevitable to every building project. We take the unfamiliar and the complex and we make it easy and painless.

  • How do you make the most out of a limited commercial or residential space?
  • How do you accommodate demanding safety and regulatory requirements?
  • How do you ensure your space is adapted and welcoming for people with unique requirements?

OUR Passion

Give us a challenge and watch us get excited. We love tackling jobs that may seem difficult or messy. We are determined to meet your goals and achieve a successful project.


The owner



Brandi McDaniel established Ascension Architecture in October 2017. Brandi has built a solid reputation over the last 23 years on numerous commercial and residential projects in Central Texas. She has served as project manager and project architect on all phases of design and construction projects including master planning, programming, design development, contract documentation, bid negotiation, and construction administration. Brandi is a registered architect in Texas and Oklahoma. She also is certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.

Why are we called Ascension?

Ascension means “the act of rising.” We like the metaphor of a structure rising as it is being built. And, of course, some of us hail from the Ascension Parish, just south of Baton Rouge, La.